Andrew Kay and the Kapro II, RIP

Andrew Kay died on August 28.  Who was Andrew Kay?  He invented this thing:


The Kaypro II was my first computer. Now, there’s something a little weird saying that. Your first girlfriend, your first car, your first kiss (which may have taken place in that first car), but your first computer?  

Well, yeah, because back in those days (the 1980s), owning a computer was a hip thing. It wasn’t for everyone.  It was for writers, though.  Imagine, being able to make corrections without having to backspace with the whiteout key on your IBM Selectric. (For you youngsters who have no idea what an IBM Selectric was, go back to playing games on your iPad. ) Plus, it was portable. Actually, it was luggable, as it weighed 9 pounds. 

It was cool.  For something in 1985.

Here’s some further ruminations on the beauty of the Kaypro II in an earlier post of mine. 

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