What’s a Blog Post Worth?

Quite a lot actually, at least to Priceonmics, which is offering $1,000 for a 2,000 word blog post. Given the atttitude of some blog sites that their bloggers should be content with "the exposure” or, at best, token payments of less than a cent a word  (it’s hard to decide which notion is more professionally insulting), this is heady news. I discuss all this in a blog I wrote for titled Investing in Content Marketing. Should You Be Paying $1K a Blog Post?  FYI: While I don’t get a byline credit, I am paid for this, though not quite $1,000 (well, to be honest, not even close). You probably won’t be surprised that the answer to whether I think bloggers deserve compensation for their work is, of course, yes. But that answer is not just self-serving because this is what I do—businesses that pay their blog authors benefit in a number of way from professionally written content. For one thing, their target audience might actually read it. Read the article and if by chance you run a business and this makes sense to you, mosey on over to the email over on the left hand side of this page and let’s talk.

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