End-of-the-Year Update

I just completed a short technical writing gig for SAIC, a military contractor based here in Charlottesville, developing software documentation for a new product that enables military analysts to tag, comment, and map streaming surveillance video.  Technical writing isn't really writing, it's delineating steps precisely and consistently.  A high tolerance for tedium is also a must-have. Most tech writers I know couldn't write headline copy if their lives depended on it.  Still, it pays well (sometimes better than writing headline copy) and in the freelance world an opportunity is an opportunity, particularly these days.  

I just read Sara Gruen's Ape House, which was fairly enjoyable, so I picked up her earlier novel, Water for Elephants, which I'm also liking.  Apparently Gruen took up novel writing after getting laid off as a technical writer!  So, there's an exception to every rule.  Or, what do I know?

I've never attempted a novel, but have published some short stories in various obscure publications.  I have a piece called "Backpacking" in the upcoming third issue of Spectra magazine, to be on news stands (well not really, it's digital only) I'm not really sure when. 

I've always liked this story, but it got rejected more than my MasterCard (I'd like to take credit for that line, but I actually stole if from Jeffrey Ford who was describing a story he eventually published in Black Gate, which you may recall is the magazine where I contribute non-fiction pieces), so I'm happy that I finally found an editor with the good taste to print it (can you actually say "print" about a digital magazine?).  Anyways, as soon as I know when it will appear, I'll post the link here about how to purchase it (no, it isn't free, because they have to pay their authors so we can buy a couple cups of coffee at Starbucks with our remuneration).

You can find a list of my non-fiction and fiction, some with links to content, by clicking on the Senior Writer tab at the top of the page.

Happy New Year.  


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